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What Are Fire Protection Water Storage Tanks?

Updated: May 23

large metal water storage tank, connected to a tube, collecting rainwater coming from the roof through the tube

One of the biggest obstacles to fighting fires is having an adequate water supply. Thankfully, fire protection water storage tanks help firefighters extinguish fires safely. What exactly are fire protection water storage tanks? When you understand them and their benefits, you’ll see how important they are in fire protection systems.

What Are They?

Fire protection water storage tanks, also known as firewater tanks, are large water reservoirs on a property for firefighting activities. Thanks to durable construction with materials like steel, they can withstand the test of time.

Adequate Supply of Water

The primary function of fire protection water storage tanks is to provide a sufficient volume of water for extinguishing fires. These tanks are especially critical in areas without direct access to a public water supply or where the available resources are limited. In such scenarios, these tanks offer great reliability. They provide firefighters or a heavy-duty fire pump and sprinkler system with a consistent source of water, which can mean the difference between a minor incident and a major catastrophe.

Quick Response Time

Fire protection water storage tanks give building owners, tenants, and firefighters immediate access to water for extinguishing fires. The instant availability dramatically reduces the time it takes to put out a fire, potentially decreasing fire- and smoke-related damage. A quick response means fires likely won’t consume the whole property, reducing damage and potentially saving lives. This proactive approach to fire safety helps firefighters do their jobs.

Cost-Effective Solution

A fire protection water storage tank stands out among the various fire defense strategies, such as augmenting existing infrastructure or relying on fire hydrants. This approach offers a financially sound strategy, as this water supply is solely dedicated to fire defense. It also addresses issues with water pressure, meaning it is the additional layer of security you need for peace of mind on your property.

In certain areas of the US where land development is outpacing municipal water infrastructure, it may be more cost effective to install a fire protection tank than to extend the municipal water supply line.

Fire protection water storage tanks are integral elements of comprehensive fire protection. They are reliable and economically viable water sources for firefighting. At TXRWS, we’ll build these tanks for you. Our rainwater harvesting systems are efficient at collecting and storing water, making them great for fire protection. Work with us, and you can equip your property with the fire protection it needs.

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