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Is this for new construction or an existing structure?
What do you intend to use the rainwater for?
How many different sources of water exist on the property?
Is this a 1-Story or 2-Story Structure(s)?
Are you interested in a flat roof tank or 30-degree pitch roof? Bear in mind that large tanks over 20 ft in diameter with 30-degree pitch roofs end up being very high (~13-16 ft) and may block views. Pitched-roof tanks store the same amount of water as flat roof tanks. See attached file for more information on these types of tanks.
Do you have an architectural plan or site plan of your project or existing home?
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Do you need gutters?
Do you need a filtration system which includes an ultraviolet light for drinking water?
If you need a filtration system and already have a home built, do you have a place in mind where the filtration unit would be located? These need to be located in a protected area and are unable to handle extreme temperatures.
Do you have an electrical panel that has at least 2 open spaces for Rainwater Equipment (Pump and Filtration System)?
Is this panel inside or outside the structure?
What is your budget?
Are you interested in our proprietary automatic first flush system? Decreases system maintenance and improves water quality.
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