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Napa Valley

Napa County,  California

Storage Capacity



Built for



This project out in Napa Valley, CA, involved one 100,000-gallon irrigation water tank for a vineyard.  This is the vineyard’s second tank with the other tank being solely used for frost prevention. Commercial tanks of this size along with regional seismic activity require that the tank be engineered to meet local county, state, and federal codes.  Taller tanks are constructed with thicker metal, beefier trusses and side panels, anchored to concrete, and are not filled to the top with water due to earthquakes and the sloshing of the water.   Each commercial tank is engineered specifically for each application and geographic location.  Since Blue Brute 12” PVC pipe was used as an inlet from the well on the property, a bottom penetration into the tank was designed for aesthetic and mechanical purposes.   Using heavy duty jacks, the tank is constructed from the top down and bolted to the concrete curb.

Job Site Challenges
  • Materials
    Needed heavy, large pipe assembly and excavation

  • Remote Location

  • Limited road access to pad site

  • Engineering specifications for seismic activity

Additional Solutions
  • Large diameter pipe

  • Pipe inlet through bottom of tank

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