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Dripping Springs

Hays County,  Texas

Storage Capacity


Collection Surface




Can Collect




This project out in Dripping Springs, TX, involved a 4,400 sq. ft slab with a 30,000-gallon rainwater collection tank.  This home is able to collect 95,000 gallons of rain every year and is the only source of water for this homestead. This jobsite was situated on nice black dirt which made excavation a breeze.  Because this house had a more complex roof design, fourteen downspouts were needed to collect from the entire roof. Because aesthetics are important part of these systems, more time was needed to paint each downspout and ensure that all conveyance pipes were level and plumb.  For the rainwater equipment area, Rainwater specialists consulted with the electrical and plumbing contractor to ensure all rough-in locations for pipes and wires were installed properly. This ensures a clean install for the pump controller, filtration unit, and rainwater auto flush controller with very few exposed wires and pipe. 

Job Site Challenges
  • Roof: complex roof design

  • Aesthetics: final look was really important to client

  • Landscape: black dirt actually made excavation easier :)

Additional Solutions
  • Pump controller

  • Filtration unit

  • TXRWS Auto-Flush Computer

  • Painted downspouts

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