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Blanco County,  Texas

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This project out in Blanco, TX, involved a 6,000 sq. foot slab with a 40,000-gallon rainwater collection tank.  This home is able to collect 126,000 gallons of rain every year and is the only source of water for this homestead.  This job site was situated on the side of a rock-shelf which increased our excavation time and resources. This client also wanted the tank farther away from the house, almost 200 ft, which meant more time was needed for excavation and installing utilities (water supply and electrical) to the tank.   In order to bury the conveyance pipes, rainwater specialists used both a 24”x 6” rock saw and hydraulic rock hammer attached to a mini excavator. In order to cushion and protect the conveyance and water supply pipes from the rock, pipe-bedding materials such as 3/8” limestone chat embedment rock were used as backfill.  A 2hp submersible pump maintains a constant pressure of ~60 PSI for this entire home with pump controller, filtration unit, and rainwater auto flush controller mounted on garage wall.

Job Site Challenges
  • Location
     Situated on the side of a rock shelf

  • Proximity
    Needed to be almost 200ft away from the house

  • High linear foot distance for excavation
    included large amounts of rock that needed to be hammered out 

Additional Solutions
  • 2hp submersible pump with pump controller

  • TXRWS Auto-Flush Computer

  • Filtration unit

  • Custom electrical and plumbing rough-in specs for a clean installation

  • Painted downspouts

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