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Design Criteria Specifics

+ Sizing

Water quality volume increased by 20% to accommodate reductions in the available storage volume due to deposition of solids over time

+ Configuration

longitudinal slope between 1.0 –5.0 % with a lateral slope between 1.0 –1.5%, low flow channel optional but not required in order to improve drainage, 5ft max depth, no L X W size required for pond since all runoff is detained for 12 hours

+ Automated Control System Parts

control box with solar panel and display lights, valve, actuator/motor, stem/bonnet extension (optional)

+ Hazmat capability

+ Pond side slopes

3:1 (H:V) or flatter for grass, steeper needs additional stabilization practices

+ Basin inlet

dissipate energy, reduce velocities > 3 ft/sec.

+ Outflow structure

trash rack with screen to prevent clogging, 48-hour drawdown time –Drill enough holes! :)

+ Vegetation for outside Edwards Aquifer RZ

hydro mulch, etc., drawings need to show how basin is stabilized

+ No splitter box w/ batch

same pond can be used for WQ and detention

+ Erosion protection at outfall

keep natural grade, rip rap

+ Safety

eliminate drop offs, step contours, etc…

Design Criteria Specifics
Batch Valve Control System Programmable Logic Flow Chart
Logic Flow Chart
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